I was going to post a response to an angry feminist’s opinion of stay-at-home moms, but as I opened WordPress to vent I was sidetracked by this much more meaningful post on How To Free A Sex Slave from thisblogisepic. It’s one of my favorite blogs. Because it truly is epic.

After being moved to tears by this post, I found myself on the site for Relevant Magazine who published this article on The Exodus Road and their cause to stop human trafficking. I don’t know how I haven’t come across this publication before, but I was immediately drawn to its mission of connecting what is going on in our world and making it relevant to our faith. How do we live out our faith in a world where children and women are sold as slaves by their own mothers?

While looking over the site, I checked out their submission guidelines and remembered how a younger, more foolish me had submitted an article to Rolling Stones years ago for my magazine writing course in college. We were required to submit an article to a magazine, although I’m sure I was the only one who actually did it. As expected, I never heard back. Probably because my topic was Rock the Desert, a music festival in my hometown that features Christian bands and the occasional celebrity (Stephen Baldwin). Or maybe it was rejected because it didn’t contain obscenities and a Russian bomber. But more likely it was the Christian music.

Rock the Desert crowd for Lecrae, August 2013.

Remembering this failed attempt to publish an article gave me an idea to submit an article to Relevant for this year’s Rock The Desert. And while checking out Facebook for more info on the festival, I came across a hard rock Christian band (didn’t know there was such a thing, did ya?) called The Whosoevers. On their page they had posted a clip of Marlena Shaw’s California Soul.

I dig the funk. It’s a great song to end this Sunday soul search. And that hour spent soul searching was way better than venting about angry feminists.


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  1. I’m one of your favourite blogs? Thanks! I’m super touched by that! If you liked that stuff that I shared, I encourage you to dig deeper onto The Exodus Road’s website. They’ve got all kinds of really neat ways that they’re fighting to end sex trafficking. I’ve been blogging for them for about a year now, and I’m regularly just blown away by the stuff they share with us.


  2. Kristen, sorry to spam your post with comments, but I found more stuff today…
    Check out this Project… https://www.facebook.com/polarisproject

    And if you’ve never heard of Sevenly… they’re an organization that for every clothing item you buy, they donate 7.00 per item to a charity organization that they highlight every week. I have a bunch of their stuff and it’s great. This week, they’re highlighting the Polaris Project to end sex trafficking in the US, so any clothing purchases (or other stuff off the site) donates money toward that. It’s pretty nifty! http://www.sevenly.org/

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