That’s what the doc said. And for a minute I thought he was talking about me.

My son had his four-year check-up this morning and my husband and I had some insight into why our son is the way he is…and then some. It’s funny that you can raise a child and know that he is a certain way–not exactly like all the other precious snowflakes out there but couldn’t really explain how or why.

As my son made eye contact with the doctor in the reflection of the mirror, the doctor remarked that Arty was being very clever to engage him this way. Then the doc remarked that while our son does engage with others it had to be on his own terms. Boy, did I know that feeling. Just this morning I took a quiz on how emotionally unavailable I am, and the results were “FROZEN.”

So I understand my son, because we’re two of the same. But what I didn’t know is that the doc would go on to give some insight into our marriage. I may be rigid and (almost painfully…at least to others) introverted, but my husband is exactly the opposite. Even our speech patterns give it away. I talk like a machine gun (this just in) while his language rolls out easily, like the dude. So that’s what you call him.

So we compliment each other very well. Guess our marriage isn’t a scam after all. And it’s a good thing, too, because now the dudeness of my husband can even out my rigidness and turn our precious snowflake into a well-rounded person.

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  1. Donna says:

    Arty is a sweet kid. Hope we can get the kids together soon!

  2. Love it…isn’t it amazing how well we can balance each other out? Great post…I especially enjoy when I hear things about my children that instantly make me sit up and nod my head. :)-Ashley

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