I’d like to start things off with an old joke that my dad likes to tell in regards to being a know-it-all: “There was that one time I thought I wrong, but I was mistaken.” That’s usually my approach when facing an apology. I may have been in the wrong, but it was the other person’s fault just as much as mine because they led me to my mistake. Or something. It’s flawed logic, but it helps me get by.

Today’s post is inspired by Mama Kat’s writing prompt 1.) The last time you apologized to someone was for…not being a morning person.

Or people in the mornings…or mornings when people are around…

You see, I can barely bring myself to get up at my leisure when I don’t have a job to get ready for or anything pressing to do. I’m a night owl. Morning’s just aren’t my thing. So is it my fault that while I was in the middle of making breakfast yesterday my husband tried to interrupt me to show me this funny video?


Granted, it is a funny video. I was just in the middle of trying to chop and couldn’t watch the sharp knife in my hand and the video at the same time. Sure I could have taken a minute break to watch, but I was already feeling grumpy because, you know, mornings. So I may have snapped at him. And it may have hurt his feelings. And I maybe had to apologize later when I realized that I was not being a loving and kind wife.

It’s not my fault, really. It’s mornings.


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  1. I understand completely! Hate mornings.
    Did enjoy Kevin Bacon, however! You know…later in the day!

  2. If I were him, I wouldn’t have pushed it seeing as how you had a knife in your hand…

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